6 Unpleasant Personality Traits You Hate Yourself

I think of myself as a reasonably pleasant person who is kind of laid back and likes most people. that is an ongoing process, about potentially harmful traits. As children we all learn our personality from the feedback, we get from those around us, if we lie and get a lot of attention for it, we will continue to lie. If we’re impolite and get popularity for it, we will continue to be impolite. I think if people could rid themselves of the subsequent trends the World might be a better place.

Over depending 

This trait can go so many ways. Someone overly dependent may always look to others for support, knowledge, motivation, and even to help boost their self-worth. So the question isn’t whether or not you hate certain personality characteristics, it’s why you think you hate them. Although many can be more disruptive or counter-productive, sometimes the animosity towards them is stemming from your personality or opposite tendencies Think in terms of a solution, of gaining more information, and of understanding your natural reflexes.


Are you pessimist person? Do you have this kind of trait? It is annoying to see someone who complains every day about everything. Do you have a friend who complains or tells you about the negativity of the world? Having this person beside you will consume the positivity within you. As the days go on, be aware of your attitude or the way you interact with other people. Listen to what you are saying, observe the acts that you do.


Everyone tried to lie for sure. It is the nature of people, whether it is a white or big lie, still it is a lie. When someone continues to lie, it feels irritating especially when they lie and you know the truth. Being honest and telling honesty to someone, even it feels so hard to do, is still the best way. Being honest to everyone makes you trustworthy and people will value whatever your opinion is.


Condescending This is any other trait that riles me. that is open to interpretation in lots of cases. On some events, I even have requested to people if they’re which means to sound condescending and regularly they’re embarrassed and provide an explanation for that it becomes now no longer their intention, so it can be a complex one. 


Unreliable Another trait that could extremely annoying. When reliability isn’t always there we tend to assume they’ve different tendencies associated with this such as laziness, disorganized, egocentric, etc. We can see and sense it at home, schools, universities, or even in our everyday life. Don’t rely an excessive amount on the person that has this trait. This trait is related to being disorganized, egocentric, and lazy.


Intolerant There’s a difference between expressing your confrontation or factor of view vs appearing on impulse and exploding withinside the moment. You can guess that the latter is connected to the intolerance trait, in which feelings and frustrations get the higher of you and the result is reacting earlier than reflecting.

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