How CORONAVIRUS affecting the environment

Because of the corona virus people stuck at home, the pandemic has had some impact on the
environment as well. People are working or staying at home life, as we know. It has changed beyond all
recognition. Also having some interesting positive effect on the environment. Here are some great
1- In China air pollution has dropped significantly
Satellite imagery from the NASA and the Europe space agency (ESA) has been seen by many experts as
“the largest scale experiment ever” in terms of reduction in emission around the world. Data from
satellite over the last few weeks have shown a significant drop in polluting gas like nitrogen dioxide
which is mainly produce by industrial processes. It is believed the be the cause for myriad of health like
2- The water of Venice are clean again.
According to the ABC news line the CORONAVIRUS pandemic has an unexpected effect in Venice where
the normally cloudy canals have transformed into water crystal clear enough to see fish swimming.
3- Emissions from coal combustion are falling in china
Another impact on the environment as a consequence of CORONAVIRUS the marked drop in coal
4- Quality of the water in kalani river in sri lanka has increased.
According to central environment authority of Sri Lanka, Kelani river is the most polluted river in Sri
Lanka. However last few days the quality of the water in Kelani has increase.

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