What’s new in Windows 11

When introducing windows 10 in 2015, it was declared that there will be no Windows 11,12,13 like OS versions in the future. Instead, they were dispatching updates to Windows 10 till 2021 June. But suddenly Windows 11 was unrivaled surprising the whole world.

This new Windows OS includes vast upgrades over Windows 10. All Windows 10 users are eligible to download Windows 11 for free. But this new OS is only compatible with above 8th gen intel processors and 2nd gen AMD processors. In addition, those processors must have at least 2 cores to proceed with Windows 11.

Let’s discuss the main updates in Windows 11.

When it comes to desktop interface, now the start menu is placed in the middle of the taskbar by default.

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Also, the Start menu is revised including three sections as pinned items, recommended items, and a bottom section with a user ID and power button.

Further, the search function is also improved by making it more user-friendly.

‘Task View’ is a newly added button to the taskbar and it can be utilized to separate each workplace accordingly and review the apps more easily without opening.

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In addition, a lot of widgets are introduced in Windows 11 where they can be customized according to the user preferences.

Also, the compatibility of android apps is enhancing in this new OS making it a very welcoming platform to Android users worldwide. It same as Mac OS is smoothly compatible with IOS in apple.

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In addition to those major changes, Windows 11 is claimed to be faster and smoother than Windows 10. And it’s also upgraded with a new set of attractive icons, system animations, and media controllers. The only drawback in windows 11 would be, it requires consistent data connection in order to function properly which will be undesirable to lot of users.

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