5 Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong

We all love a good prank. As long as we’re not the ones on the end of it, of course. But sometimes, despite careful thought and meticulous planning, things can go awry. Below we mentioned five Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong.

  • In 1708, Gulliver’s Travels author Jonathan Swift set up an epic April Fools’ prank by pretending to be an astrologer by the name of Isaac Bickerstaff. He published a set of predictions, the most notable of which was that a celebrity-astrologer of the time, John Partridge would die on March 29. On 30th March, Swift circulated a nameless account of Partridge’s pass away of fever. On April 1, someone knocked on the Partridge’s door to set up funeral arrangements. Partridge, of course, became alive and well, however for the relaxation of his life, he needed to insist he became now no longer dead. The prediction finally came true seven years later without Partridge ever finding out the real identity of Isaac Bickerstaff.  
  • For April Fools’ Day in 1980, Boston TV news producer, Homer Cilley, produced a television broadcast approximately a hill in Milton, Massachusetts, that had started oozing lava and spewing flames. He included fake warnings from then-president Jimmy Carter and real footage from Mt. St. Helens eruptions that implied the Massachusetts volcano had completely erupted. “April Fool” read the card at the end of the segment, however, loads of panicked residents flooded regulation enforcement telecell smartphone traces anyway. Cilley was promptly fired for failing to exercise “good news judgment” and breaching FCC regulations.
  • Halloween tricks might be an ordinary part of the holiday’s festivities, but for one teen in 2014, the funny story went horribly awry while she misplaced her existence because of her stunt. Adrian Broadway, a 15-year-old from Little Rock, Arkansas, became together along with her buddies toilet-papering, egging, and throwing mayonnaise on a car, in retaliation for a prank a person else had pulled on her group. Unfortunately, a 48-year-old guy got here out of the residence and opened hearthplace on them of their car, killing her and injuring one in all her buddies.
  • What appeared like a harmless jump-scare has become deadly in 2013 whilst an 18-year-old woman named Premila Lal concealed in a closet at her house, understanding that her circle of relative’s pal became there looking over the property. She deliberates to wonder him through leaping out of the closet, however, the house sitter, 21-year-old Nerrek Galley, became packing warmth on the time — this no matter gambling video games together along with her 15-year-old brother. When he heard the noises of her entry, he grabbed his gun to investigate. Believing her to be an intruder, Galley shot the woman whilst she opened the door, and she later succumbed to her accidents at a place hospital.
  • In 2014, Angela Timmons allegedly texted her daughter to mention she may want to listen to gunshots being fired on the university she labored at. Angela’s daughter could not get in contact together along with her mother after that, in keeping with the New York Daily News, so she referred 911. Police regarded Virginia Colleges in Spartanburg County inside mins however did not discover a shooting. Timmons turned into arrested on fees along with irritated breach of peace and annoying a school.

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