Why are people so fake? The top 7 reasons

I think a lot of people’s fakeness comes from their need to feel liked, wanted, desired, etc., so they present themselves in a way that will attain that, even if it is short-lived.

1) Social media addiction

Adopting a conscious and artificial persona for public consumption online has some seriously odd consequences. One of them is people consciously crafting a “cool” or “unique” image that is often, you guessed it, fake. It’s easy to make fun of social media addiction but the truth is it’s a serious issue.

2) Fear of offending

With cancel subculture, all around us and political correctness at all-time highs, the concern of offending is very much a real factor in why some people beings select to undertake a fake person.

3) Living up to an artificial image

Many times, you meet a fake person you can dig a bit below the surface and see that they’re looking to stay as much as an artificial image. They have visible stereotypes withinside the media, amongst their peers, or different locations that they experience they need to “be” and so that they undertake the outer mannerisms, accents, style, and ideals of a certain “type

4) Desire for conformity

The desire for conformity can make people fake. They repeat critiques they recognize are famous and good. They get dressed in approaches that appear famous or cool. They do careers that are predicted and smart. they emerge as fake pawns in a fake machine and grow to be depressing and complete of self-hate at the same time as nonetheless clinging to the phantasm even more difficult due to the fact the idea that following what they had been advised is normal will save them.

5) Easily influenced by marketing

Fake humans are regularly the goods of high-level social engineering and advertising that are made right into a positive sort of demographic nearly without them realizing it. 

 6) Competition

 It is to compete with their family, friends, and foes. If they do now no longer like a person they might try and submit to have a higher existence than them. An aim is to place a person down or to rub it on their faces if it triggers them.

7) Being Popular 

To meet a certain benchmark that they think they should achieve. To have the approval of their friends and social circle. They think everyone is doing it so they should follow the norm.

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