5 Tips to match nail colors with your skin

Many things can influence your choice of nail color, including the seasons, trends, and mood. Matching nail polish and skin tone starts with a color test. Look at the veins at the inside of your wrist – if they seem blue, your complexion is cool, and if they seem green your complexion is warm. Now all you need to do is match cool with cool and warm with warm. We can identify five skin tones.

 1. Pale complexion

You need colors that enrich it and make it look more alive. It is considered a cool skin tone. But if you want to compliment your skin go for pastels with pink or blue undertones. Avoid dark shades that create unwanted contrast. For this type of skin tone, pastels and nudes match perfectly

 2. Fair skin tone

For fair-skinned women a large variety of colors is available, their skin tone accepts lots of shades. Though, if you rather want to apply a sophisticated color you must avoid the green and orange shades.

 3. Tanned skin tone

If you have tanned skin, bright colors are best for you because they enrich your lovely tan. Avoid neutral colors similar to the shade of your skin. Bright shades of pink, purple and blue are highly recommended.

 4. Medium/olive skin tone

The greatest match for this skin type can match peach and gold colors as it has a warm and yellow undertone and avoids the red, darker purple, and navy-blue shade. 

 5. Dark skin tone

 If you have dark skin avoid dark brown and white and use other deep shades that enrich your appearance, you may apply deep shades like mocha, maroons, dark red, or dark green. Colors like a lighter shade of chocolate brown tend to look best too.

If you’re not sure about how a nail color will look on you, the best way to decide whether you like it is to test it out on a fingernail. You can’t judge from the color in a bottle because achieving the color can be based on how many coats of the lacquer are applied. You could also love a color on your toenails, but be unimpressed when it’s applied to your fingernails.

So this is a general guideline. It’s not set in stone. Trust your gut and your eyes. You’ll know which shades look best on you.

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