What Does the Shape of Your Face Tell About Your Personality?

According to the Chinese face reading the shape of the face will tell about what kind of personality traits that the person has. Just read this and identify what sort of personality that you have accordingly with your face shape.

01. Round Face Shape

People who have round shape faces, according to Chinese face reading, are unfortunately highly prone to manipulation. This is due to the fact that round features appear childish and are consequently linked with naivete.

02. Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face form, often known as the “huge cheekbones,” is recognized for its exceptional attention to detail and they’re also a little bossy.

03. Oval Face Shape

You may have observed that many celebrities have oval-shaped faces. Whereas conventional reasoning would suggest that this is mostly owing to it being more visually attractive. Chinese face reading suggests that it is because oval-shaped individuals are more social and inviting, and therefore more extroverted. Moreover, they are also aware of what others think of them.

04. Rectangular Face Shape

Overthinking is connected with the rectangle facial shape. It also appears that way visually since they often have large foreheads. They are not only brilliant thinkers but also extremely rational and good planners. Those people are not stating the same thing three times.

05. Heart Face Shape

It’s called a heart, but it’s really a reverse egg. It’s easy to see why “heart” sounds more enticing to both people and their suitors. Anyway, this face type allegedly indicates that you are obstinate and powerful.

06. Square Face Shape

Square forms are often extremely strong, and this is no exception in faces. They are connected with traits such as ambition and tenacity. They appear to be pretty competitive as well. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with trying to advance in life.

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