UK Girl Decided To Build An Adventurous Home In A Van On Her Own After A Personal Loss

Every single one of us feels our personal losses badly. When someone we love leaves us, we will be heartbroken until we get to realize that they won’t come back. But we cannot afford to lay on the ground; we need to stand strong again.

There are thousands of success stories that we hear every day. A good percentage of those stories are based on standing back again after a personal loss.

This article also tells the story of a UK girl who decided to build an adventurous home in a van on her own after a personal loss. So let’s begin the story of that tremendous girl.

Her story captured the hearts of people in no time.

Almost three years ago, she discovered the concept of tiny living and van life on YouTube and fell in love with it. “Her grandmother’s death made her realize that life is too short to live to pay the bills.

Image credits: ameinavan

She thought that she had to start again and live the best life that she could. So the solution which came to her mind was this van life.

You may feel like living in a van is not easy and comfortable. But she has now proved that everything is hard to achieve until you’ve decided to give it a shot.

As a result, she reasoned that she could eliminate her debt by living in a van, traveling the world (what an adventure! ), and being almost debt-free, which is astounding in today’s world.

Image credits: ameinavan

What can you learn from her story?

The first thing she tells us is not to lose the strength we have whenever the situation is. When you give the first place to emotions, you will be very easy to beat by society.

Another thing is, you should find new ways to make life easy and comfortable. She has eliminated many of her expenses by building up a house in a van.

Finally, nothing is impossible when you have the courage to achieve it. So be brave and be wise in your limited time of life.

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