The New Birth of Endangered Species “Ferret Animal”

Ferret is not a “wild animal” but a long – domesticated creature in the world of nature. The average lifespan of the ferret is 5 to 7 years but some are live for 10 years. As pets, they are so social and intelligent animals who love have a play with fun and excitement with humans or other Ferrets. The funniest thing about Ferrets is they will sleep so soundly from 15 to 20 hours a day. Ferret is the funniest and interesting animal in the creation of the natural environment.

Black-footed ferrets faced a deadly spread bacterial infection and it was the main threat to their survival. Therefore, scientists successfully clone a Ferret that died in 1988 by using preserved cells from a wild animal that died long years back. It is a genetic copy of “Willa” wild female. The researchers clarified that the cloned ferret should be practiced living with human beings after becoming the growing age. Further, the researchers hope that the diversity of genetics will help to the resistance of their lives, and in the future genetic modification will be an alternative to the resistance of ferrets.

Researchers disclose that the new birth of Ferret by clone technology is the most predominant incident in biodiversity conservation in the world.

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