Most weird things that people found in their foods

Although treats can be nice surprises, you don’t want to surprise your guests with a treat. You’ll be amazed (and likely disgusted!) at the top ten strangest things people have found in their food. You may not want to snack while reading this list, and let’s hope that your stomach is more powerful than ours.

1. Tooth found in a Milky Way Candy Bar

Sue Calhoun took her husband on a road trip from Texas to Dallas to buy a tractor for 2010. Like many others, Sue loves a good snack while on the road. Her favorite snack? Her snack of choice? A Milky Way candy bar and a Coke. She and her husband stopped at a gas station to get her soda and candy bar. She got more than she spent. Calhoun could enjoy her first taste of Milky Way without any problems. Calhoun thought she was eating a peanut when she took her second bite.

But, no such luck. Calhoun instead found a whole human tooth, and it even had a filling. Calhoun did not suffer any dental damage. Calhoun contacted Mars Chocolate North America, the manufacturer of the candy bar. She was offered coupons for free candy bars and a letter of remorse. KLTV. If I was her, I don’t think I would be craving Milky Way candy bars anymore. This scenario could have led to more than one person losing their sweet tooth.

2. Black Widow found in a bag of grapes

A citizen bought grapes at a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Troy, Michigan, as part of her regular shopping routine. Unexpectedly, she was in for a surprise. The woman found a spiderweb while rinsing her grapes. On closer inspection, she found a spider. The spider was a black widow. The black widow spider is North America’s most dangerous. The woman killed the spider and contacted Wal-Mart and the police. Wal-Mart investigated to find the source of the problem and prevent it from happening again.

Jorge Fuertes and his son were both in Boston when the same thing happened. Fuerte bought his grapes at Whole Foods. According to, there were at most two. Again, no one was injured. This is just one example of how washing your produce properly can save your life.

3. Frogs in Frozen Vegetables and Other Places

Multiple times, frogs were found in frozen vegetables. One instance is particularly alarming. Tim Hoffman discovered a frog inside a bag of frozen vegetables from Meijer in 2010. After speaking with the store, they issued an immediate recall and removed the products. Chastity Erbaugh was also preparing lunch for her kids in 2009. Green beans from Wal-Mart were one of the items on the menu, and she added butter to the mix, revealing a part of a frog. These green beans were unfortunately not eaten.

Frogs have a way of getting into packaging. Another example is a frog or a toad. It doesn’t matter. It was found in a Florida Diet Pepsi can. Other foods have been reported to contain frogs, including a box of pasta and fresh greens. This could pose a health risk as some frogs are poisonous. Frogs aren’t the only thing that can be found in food.

4. A Metal Spring in a Taco Bell Quesadilla

Fast food is a common choice. Most people don’t understand what’s in their food, and the food is expected to be edible. In 2015, however, in San Marcos (California), a woman ordered Taco Bell and received something that wasn’t on the menu. She ordered a quesadilla for dinner and was surprised to discover a metal spring inside her food.

This metal spring is about the same size as a Q-Tip. One of the workers most likely used a pen to mark orders. She didn’t inhale the spring, and she did not sustain any injuries to her mouth. She said it made her reconsider fast food and Taco Bell’s management.

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