Funny Challenge Photos of Dogs in Wigs

Dogs are considered one of the oldest companions of the human race. Dogs and humans have started their friendship from very ancient times. Dogs have been assisting humans in various methods such as catching prey, protecting crops, being a bodyguard and travel partner, etc

Because dogs have been civilizing with humans for a long time, it has a wonderful ability to identify human feelings. That might be the main reason why people are so attached to dogs and no one is reluctant to pick a dog as their pet.

In addition to that, dogs are very obedient animals. A dog would never betray it’s master and would not think twice to risk its life to protect the master. Also, the active behavior of a dog can disappear anxiety and put us in a good mood. Due to these attributes, the bond between humans and dogs is inseparable.

As a result of this strong bond, recently on Instagram, there was a funny challenge. Which was to dress up anyone’s dog in a wig and post a picture under the hashtag #dogwig. It was very hilarious to see how dogs would look if they had hair like ours, and with awkward facial emotions due to the strangeness of those wigs.

#dogwig challenge went viral and the pet owners were given a chance to make social media topics via their beloved pets. In addition, this strengthens the bond between them even more. Also, this enthusiastic challenge encouraged people without pets to adopt them. Specially under a pandemic situation like this, it was very pleasant to see such mind relaxing community works.

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