Five Famous Celebrity Couples Who Took Our Hearts(15 Pics)

There is no doubt that ‘Love’ is the most heart-touching feeling in the universe. Not only us, but even animal beings can also feel love even without a language. So, when love is seen or heard, we cannot help being emotional, not at least secretly. Especially, when it comes to famous people, hiding from love is almost impossible. So let’s peep into such renowned celebrity couples’ love stories who draw the whole world’s attention.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harinton

Most of us know them as Jon Snow’s love story. They both are film co-stars. They attempted their first date in 2012. But after a few months, I stopped. Then after two years, they reconciled as best friends again. In 2018, that friendship was promoted to a soulmate ship resulting in marriage. Throughout that time, they were going through each other’s thick and thin and eventually understood that they are each other’s favorite.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

This is the most known couple since it’s a royal relationship. But the rare thing was, Prince William never let his title be an interference in their relationship. They fell in love with each other in university. However, it didn’t go well. But with time while having enough space for personal development, they realized that it’s a voyage that they are meant to ride together.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

It’s known that he got world famous at a very young age. With that popularity, it wasn’t easy for both of them to give enough space to each other at the beginning. Hence the affair got shattered a few times. But with maturity, both could form a very strong and understanding relationship towards each other on which they had their nuptials in 2019.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

These super co-stars have a very long love story. After they found each other in 2002, they had a very unfortunate engagement break-off in 2004. But like a miracle, after 20 years, they were reconciled again proving that a true love can wait for decades.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo

Like everyone else on the list, this very famous and lucky couple also went through their own ups and downs. After spending nearly a decade together, they broke up due to stubborn decisions. But suddenly they realized that it was wrong and consequently in 2014 Evine proposed to Behati. Thereafter they never made the same mistake and enjoyed life in an endless honeymoon phase.

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