Five Cat Facts That People Fall in Love With

When it comes to cats, they are a huge family that is dispersed in exactly 37 species that include cheetah, puma, lion, jaguar, tiger, and the domestic cat. Here we are focused on domestic cats who are so close to humans.

Cats are kind of mysterious animals whose behavior is very unpredictable. As a pet, its main competitor is dogs. But they both have very unrivaled attributes to each other. Hence why some people are desperately in love with cats. Cats are inherited with very valuable but hidden skills such as sharp vision, catching prey, climbing heights, and running through obstacles. Other than these, let’s find out what are the main reasons that people choose cats over dogs.

Stress Releasing

Many studies have confirmed that cats can lower human blood pressure and release dopamine and serotonin, which reduce stress. This improves immune functioning as well in humans.

Feeling of presence

Purring makes their presence in the human ear and we don’t feel alone when we live with a cat. They are also making conversations with different tones of their ‘meows’ so that we have a buddy to have a chat with during the day.

Soft and flurry

Most people love to touch the flurry skin of cats and that gives a super relaxing feeling to our fingertips.

Low maintenance

Cats are intelligent compared to dogs and they make less trouble for their owners. They clean themselves well and need small space compared to dogs.

Feeling of love

They cuddle up on our laps, rub their heads on our legs, and show their love with soft purrs, all of which make us feel that we are meant to each other

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