Good Habits in Personal Time Management.

When it comes to the word ‘success’, time management is the most bounded but hidden component behind. If time management was not properly practiced, nothing can reach the tips of success or maintain consistency. As we all are having 24 hours per day, no one can complain that he/she is having any trouble due to a time difference.

since humans are not machinery, it’s very important to feed them with adequate proportions of different kinds of attitudes and feelings. So, time management should be applied in such a way that a person can enjoy what he/she is doing while experiencing the true essence of life. Therefore, time management is the perfect ratio of one self’s amalgamation in all personal requirements in which the lifestyle will be stable and persistent.

As a beginning, 24 hours of time in a day can be divided into three portions as sold time, maintenance time, and discretionary time.

Sold time is the time someone spent to get something in return. Instances are, engaging in a job for a salary and spending time learning something that will be useful for the future. 10 -14 Number of hours are desired as sold time.

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Then maintenance time is basically resting/sleeping time. Even though people tend to compensate this for other commitments, it’s a very ineffective practice. A minimum of seven hours of rest is recommended for an ordinary person.

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Then the remaining time is discretionary time that can be utilized for leisure, travel, family, and social life. This breaks the monotonous nature of life and fulfills a person with complementary needs.

In addition to aforesaid preliminary planning in time, one can further enhance time utilization by keeping a proper to-do list, prioritizing work and follow a descending sequence and managing distractions. If time management becomes a habit, it will definitely stretch your limits and eventually, the tip of success in your dreams will be reached sooner than later.


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