Facts To Consider When Parking Your Vehicle for A Long Time

There are some inevitable circumstances that we have to park our vehicle for a long period. Most of these instances are occurred due to log time abroad trips and accidents. Since a vehicle is also a consolidation of several complex systems same as a human body, and it’s designed not to sit, but to run, in order to avoid deterioration of parked vehicles, there are certain precautions which must be taken if you expect to use it again.

First fact is, fuel in the tank can deteriorate over time and form a solid gum which eventually block the pipes and injectors in the engine. Therefore, unless fuel tank is emptied, fuel stabilators must be applied if you intend to park your vehicle for over a year

Then it’s important to disconnect the battery in order to avoid self-discharging. But if it’s not an option, a trickle charger can be connected to the battery from which the battery charge will be replenished time to time.

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When it comes to a stopped engine, slowly the lubrication around engine parts will be shaded away and rust will form. Which will eventually lead to engine seizing. As a remedy, fogging oil can be inserted to the engine. It will act as a protective layer and avoid corrosion in the parts until you start up the vehicle next time.

Another major concern should be preventing tire deflation due to micro level air leakage over time. Consequently, this will degrade the compressed side of the tire as well as creating permanent flat spots. The best option for this issue is to place the vehicle tires on semicircular shaped flat spot preventers. These will keep the round tire shape and the even pressure distribution in the ground side of the tire even though air leaks occurred.

In addition to above facts, it preferred to cover the parked vehicle with a suitable vehicle cover after washing out dust and debris on the outer surface. But make sure that vehicle is dry and clean and no moistures is trapped in the vehicle. Also, it’s recommended to put some silica gel packets inside if possible.

Last but not least, here are some bonus facts. Use some wheel chocks instead of applying hand breaks. And elevate the wipers off the glass using some rags. If you follow these facts, nothing to be worried, your beloved vehicle will be sitting calm and healthy until you get home

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