Don’t Deceive Yourself By Telling These Three Lies

At the end of the day, we all live for our own consolation. Therefore, when requirements are not fulfilled, people tend to satisfy themselves by pondering in such a way that it’s okay to be like that. Those are just words of temporary relief that put you in a hypothetical comfort zone. Those are very toxic lies that you utter to yourself without knowing that they prevent you from growing and becoming stronger, happier, and healthier. Unfortunately, most of us do not realize until it’s too late. Let’s discuss three such lies that degrade you without knowing.

‘My Dream Is Too Big, I Won’t Even Try’; If we keenly look around, there are plenty of examples that make this statement a lie. The truth is there is no limitation to human potential. Anything is possible to anyone if adequate keenness and dedication are available. you must always tend to think huge if you need to test your limits. For instance, If you need to jump to the roof, try to jump to the sky.

‘I will become happy after’ ; Lot of people prevent themselves from doing what they truly love. Instead they invest that time and money for something else thinking they will be happy after. This way you won’t be able to be happy until you reach your graveyard. Instead try enjoying this very moment to the fullest. Because the present is what you have right now. Past is gone and the future is unpredictable.

‘I will do it tomorrow’; Likewise people tend to postpone as much as everything in order to stay in their comfort zones. Without overcoming that lazy feeling, nothing can be achieved. You should practice yourself to work on a schedule in order to utilize your valuable time effectively. Unless you start making small changes right now, tomorrow won’t be any different from today. Motivate yourself to be a part of success.

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