Amazing Combinations of Nature and Street Art by an Artist

One of the most popular and attractive types of painting is “street art.” It first appeared as an underground type of art connected with vandalism. However, as time has passed, it has evolved into an acceptable form of art, and individuals today have the freedom to do so by following the appropriate requirements.

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Since these painters are forced to work on exterior surfaces such as walls, glass, boards, sidewalks, or any other uneven canvas, they must utilize unconventional materials. They must correctly control their application in order to obtain a final piece of art. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that street painters must be more inventive and knowledgeable than those who paint on a canvas in a gallery. Fábio Gomes Trindade’s artwork exemplifies that he’s a street artist from Brazil who’s created some incredible works of art.

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This artist distinguishes himself from other street artists by collaborating with Nature in his work. He has employed well-manicured bushy trees to combine with his paintings as ‘hair’ in some of his most recent artwork, demonstrating his inventiveness. With the leaves and flowers hanging above creative works, these have become quite appealing and provide a genuine depth.

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Other than collaborating with Nature, Fabio Gomes includes an exceptionally amazing ability in shower portray. Indeed, in spite of the fact that shower paint doesn’t work like a pencil or a brush, this skilled craftsman paints astonishing craftsmanship within the streets. His work of art is exceptionally well known on the road as well as on the web. A parcel of individuals gets awed by his inventiveness and the ability to take after it through. Photographs of his works of art are being
shared all over the web and we chose to bring you some of his inventive craftsmanship.

The following images show you how Fábio Gomes Trindade uses nature for his street art fantastically.

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