A Girl (Nikki Delventhal) Found Her Hike Partner from A Stray Dog(20 Images)

Nikki Delventhal is a very young and beautiful Mexican woman who is also a hiking enthusiast. She is a homeless person with a Prius Camper who has become a desperate traveler with irremediable hiking sickness as a result of tedious challenges in life. She says, whenever she feels down, traveling to beautiful places gives her motivation to keep her head up. Also, Nikki has been maintaining a YouTube channel through which she earns some income as well. This story is about desperate Nikki, who spontaneously meets her travel partner

Nikki Delventhal

Since Nikki Delventhalwas living with her mother, she was pondering regarding the lack of company on her hiking trips. But she may not have thought that, in 2020 September, she was about to encounter a stray dog to adopt as a travel partner.

Nikki Delventhal single

While she was driving in a very remote area, suddenly she noticed through her rear side mirror, a dog was following her vehicle like the dog had no other choice. Initially, they thought that the dog would go away. But after four miles of following Nikki couldn’t neglect him further.

Then Nikking and her mom immediately took the puppy to an animal shelter and left after paying enough to take care of that dog.

Nikki  Delventhal with stray dog

But after leaving, Nikki felt so upset to leave that cute little adorable thing. After three, four days, Nikking couldn’t help going back to that animal shelter and embraced the dog named after ‘Camper’ and she decided to adopt him.

They were meant to be together. Even as an animal, Camper felt Nikking very well. Since then, Campers has been traveling every single trip with Nikki Delventhal and her YouTube fan base who also fell in love with Camper.

Now Nikki has a more favorable lifestyle with Camper. Camper has become her shadow and the little trooper as well as the guardian. It’s a very good example of how far long a human Vs. pet bond can grow

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