7 things you can do that your husband will be surprised about

There are few things that make him feel more loved than a thoughtful surprise.

I’m not certain why it’s better in the form of the result of a surprise than when it’s planned However, over time I’ve observed that the reaction to gifts is certainly different.

If I’m walking by the nearby frozen-yogurt shop and then call to ask if he’d like something to take home He’ll always say yes and be extremely happy to receive it.

If I go to the frozen yogurt store without informing him, and surprise him later that evening (right just as the sweet tooth starts to kick in) Then presto I’m the best wife on earth!

If your spouse is a fan of what he likes, you’ll need to think of your own unique surprises. Here are a few suggestions to get your creativity flowing.

07 Fun and Creative Ways to Impress Your Husband

1. Make a music video with him. Even in the absence of an artful bone within the body (hand moved here), You can still accomplish this!

Sites for free such as and Slide provide the tools you need. All you need to do is to gather some of his most loved photos and choose the appropriate music.

2. Give him a “just for him’ present. Don’t fret that you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to think of an original gift that he will love. We’ve put together 35 affordable, fun, and original presents to give you now.

3. King for the day. You can spend the whole day looking forward to his desires. This will blow him away! What is his most loved breakfast? What is he most eager to see upon his return home? If he had a list of his ideal day What would be the items the top item on his list? Consider that, and then complete as many of the things on that list as you can.

4. Give him a song to play on the radio. A goodie from the past you’d never think of! This will require some thought (and maybe the time of calling over to the nearby radio station) But think about how much it will make him smile when he hears your name on the radio. Make sure that he’s listening on the radio as the dedication goes on.

5. Create the love trail. If you have small ones in your home, you’ll have to think of something different so that they won’t trample on the path you want and leave. Utilize flowers, Reese’s Pieces (think E.T. telephone at home) or whatever it is he likes for him to guide him to a location where only the two of you can enjoy each other.

6. Exchange an obligation in exchange for an appointment. I love this idea! Request him to complete something simple such as picking up milk at the grocery store. You can then surprise him in the shop with tickets to a film that he’s always wanted to go to (or tickets to any event) and take away for a memorable date night that you didn’t even see coming.

7. Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner. Have a dinner celebration and invite your favorite guests to celebrate his birthday with you – without a specific reason. You could invite your parents, your closest acquaintances, colleagues, or anyone else you think he would enjoy dining with and loves the man enough to honor him (even when it’s not their birthday).

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