People Expose 20 Of the Worst Tourist Scams That Travelers Should Know

1. The Bracelet Scheme Rome and Paris

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Someone comes up to you providing guidelines or sightseeing advice. Suddenly, the person ties a woven bracelet around your wrist in a double knot, then demands payment. If you refuse, he screams that you’re stealing the bracelet. Victims are often so unnerved that they end up paying a handful of euros.

2. The Tumbling Woman  London but could happen anywhere

 “If there’s a commotion, assume it’s a fake to distract the victim of a pickpocketing or purse snatching “For example, someone, commonly an aged searching, ‘falls’ down an escalator in the London Underground.”

3. The Gypsy Baby Toss

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Normally a single woman traveler—is approached by an approached with the aid of using a gypsy lady sporting a child in a blanket, who tosses the kid into the arms of the victim Cohorts snatch the sufferer’s purse, wallet, camera, and something else they could grab amid the confusion. After the crooks run away, the victim discovers that the “baby” is nothing more than a doll.

 4. Train station scam in New Delhi

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This will happen outdoor at New Delhi station, scammers loaf around the gates looking for tourists, and as soon as spotted, will head immediately for you. When they approach you, they both try to get you to visit the “official” tourist office down the road to the office for you to teach tickets as you “can’t” input the station without tickets or, in case you already occur to have them, they’ll let you know which you want to pay in your tickets to be stamped and verified for use. Both of that is untrue, the tourist ticket office is upstairs inner of the station, and also you do now no longer want your tickets stamped or verified earlier than use

5. Tourist tax in Vietnam 

In Hue, Vietnam, I noticed a lady selling tiny dumplings on the street. I looked closer and decided to try a couple. A local customer in front of me bought two dumplings and paid 2,000 Vietnamese dongs. I held up two fingers and the lady said, “two thousand” in a thick accent. I attempted to hand her 2,000 dongs. She took a second look at me, paused, and said, “20,000” while holding two 10,000 notes. I argued this blatant attempt at overcharging, but she would not budge. So, I walked away, annoyed.

6. Taxi in Vietnam 

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If you’re moving into a cab in Vietnam, recognize the overall path of your destination or observe the direction on a map on your phone, if possible. They will use the long ride and waive off the short ride.

7. Hidden Price at Airlines

If you’re flying Ryanair or a similar budget airline, familiarize yourself with the rules and hidden fees before you arrive at the airport

8. The Bus 64 Sting at Rome 

Bus 64 sting is Rome’s most famous historic sight, so it’s hugely popular with tourists—and pickpockets. Working in teams, the thieves go after wallets, cameras, and other small valuables, usually by causing a disturbance that takes your attention off your belongings.

9. The Missing Cash at Moscow

 A pedestrian bumps toward you and drops something. “If you select out it up and try to go back it, you’ll discover you’ve been given a bagful of banknotes and a bagful of trouble. 

10. The Fake Palace Guides in Bangkok 

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Official-looking guides reach travelers in the streets surrounding Bangkok’s Grand Palace, away from the main entrance. They’ll inform you, convincingly, that the palace is closed to visitors this morning, but that they’d be glad to take you on a personal tour.

11. The Rip-off Joint

Two male tourists in an unfamiliar city meet two pretty quiet younger ladies who invite them to a private room in a bar. When the bill comes, it is hugely inflated.

12. The Lube Job

You drive into a small town, and a useful bystander points out that your wheel bearing is hemorrhaging oil. the bystander has just sloshed a cup of oil onto your wheel, and tells you there’s a garage around the corner that’ll fix your problem.” The garage owner is in on the con, prices at an inflated rate, and splits the take with the bystander. 

13. The pyramids in Egypt

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At the pyramids in Egypt, people with fake badges will let you know that you are required to pay them extra to see the Sphinx. It’s blanketed together along with your park ticket.

14. Fiji

 Walking along the road and friendly locals will greet you and beautiful smiles. Now and then, one will begin communication with you and ask your name. Before you understand it, they are carving your name into ‘traditional’ wooden spears and shields then asking you for cash for the paintings you in no way requested for. They will appear dissatisfied when you inform them you do not need it and they may provide an explanation that now they cannot promote the object due to the fact they carved your call into it already and they may observe you down the road decreasing their fee till you eventually agree.

15. Harry Potter film tour of London.

Be prepared to sit in a minivan and get shown various walls and doorways around London which have no obvious connection to the films.

16. shoe polishing in New Orleans

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If someone comes up to you in New Orleans and asks you where you got your shoes, the proper answer is “on my feet”. If they ask where you are from, “from my mama”. Keep walking and don’t let them polish or clean your shoes, because they’ll charge you for that and their “talk”

17. Scammers at Sacre Coeur in Paris.

They block a chokepoint on the steps as much as the top of the hill and could pester you approximately signing a few bollocks petition. I got “deaf refugee youngsters’ charity”. It’s a tatty piece of paper with a few black and white UN logos and crooked deaf symbols that they made right into a college kind aspect and photocopied. This rip-off is generally run through girls and they’re now no longer afraid to apply their youngsters. If you’re fortunate they’ll simply call for a few cash when you sign. If you’re unfortunate you’ll get pickpockets even as distracted and signing.

18 The Staten Island Ferry

 The Staten Island Ferry is FREE. If People are looking to fee you for tickets, they’re scam artists.

 19. The Security-Checkpoint Scam at the airport

The Scam: Before you walk through the metal detector at airport security, someone from in the back cuts beforehand of you. As he tries to walk through the metal scanner, the alarm rings and the line comes to a halt; it turns out he has “forgotten” to get rid of his keys and free change. his partner has long passed via beforehand of you and is selecting up all of your stuff from the conveyor belt and leaving with it.

20. Donkeys or Horses Ride at Petra

 Do now no longer experience the donkeys or horses at Petra. They are extraordinarily mistreated via way of means of their handlers and are regularly compelled to hold greater weight than they can handle. They also are stored in horrible situations and starved. Also, do not purchase the sand bottles at Petra, as they take the sand/rocks from the archaeological sites which contribute to its degradation.

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