7 Foods You Should Eat Every Week to Lose Weight

If you have been trying to lose weight, but still your dream is too far, you may be trying it wrong. Doing exercise only does not show a good result and you will be exhausted if you cannot see progress on your bath scale. Most importantly you should be mindful of your water intake (For men 3.7 liters per day, and for women 2.7 liters per day) while doing both exercises and diet.)

Here are some foods you should include in your diet if you are on your weight loss journey

Oats – Oatmeal can be considered the best breakfast if you are targeting to lose weight. But you should not use full cream milk, instead, you can use non-fat milk or almond milk. Fruits or nuts of your choice can be mixed to make different flavors throughout the week. Oat muffins, Oat’s granola bars, and oats- banana biscuits, oats banana pancakes are healthy choices you can try out and you will not feel any hunger until your lunchtime

Leafy Green – Such as Spinach, Kale is low calory vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals that you can add to your lunch or dinner

Eggs – Most recommended food for weight loss and it contains high protein as well as other dietary nutrients. Choline present in the egg yolk increases the metabolism and ultimately results in weight loss. You can consume egg in any meal as your preference

Avocado – Another best breakfast that will make you filled until your lunch. This also contains healthy fats that are good for your heart’s functions.

Nuts and seeds – The best snacks when you feel a pang of hunger are nuts and seeds like Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, and pumpkin seed

Coffee and Tea– Sugar-free coffee or tea will increase metabolic rate and positively affects weight loss.

Olive oil – Do not use deep-fried food, but instead you can pan fry using a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Monounsaturated fatty acids keep your heart healthy and blood sugar levels stable while keeping you ‘full’ after the diet.

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