30 Awesome Photos Of This Photogenic Cat Who Was Abandoned

Fashion models are highly photogenic and constructed in an ideal way for showing clothes on theirs. They each have their own stories of success for others struggling from the bottom of the barrel to climb up to where they are today. However, this story isn’t about a typical fashion model. This cat-fashion model has gone through a lot to be the model he is. Get to know Benson, the Instagram popular cat Benson. Benson is a cat that was found on the city streets of Dubai. Benson is believed to be left by the previous owner after they moved out and left the cat to wander the streets. The couple was from America, who was in Dubai at the time, spotted Benson and took him back home.

After Benson adjusted to his new surroundings within the America United States, his owners were surprised by something Benson did. He was completely still every time they tried to snap pictures of Benson. The incident sparked an idea in the heads of Benson’s parents.

The cat then became a fashion icon. He has a closet of vibrant clothing and accessories that he enjoys wearing. Glasses and hats weren’t featured in earlier versions of his Instagram posts, but the moment he has them, he’s at ease with these accessories. The pictures are posted on Instagram, creating a huge following for Benson on the internet. Many people are awed by this trendy cat while sharing photos with their friends.

So we thought of sharing a few of Benson’s stunning photos below in this article. Please scroll down to look through it and vote for your favorite outfit Benson wears. Let us know what you think in the comments section and give Benson an Instagram visit. Instagram account.

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