3 gene-related findings on homosexual behavior

June is known as the pride month which celebrates the equality of human beings and the beauty of the reality of true feelings, emotions, love and affection. Every year, June is the month to celebrate the LGBTQ community and to give them equal opportunity and equal justice.

LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questionable communities.

This celebration was predominantly raised in America and through so many struggles, they have achieved the legalization of homosexual marriages which is one of their biggest achievements. When scientifically discussing homosexual behavior, a relationship with the genes has been explored and so many gene technologists have conduct researches to find a relationship between the genes and homosexual behavior. Those findings are important to discuss as this concept of homosexuality is natural.

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Let us explore about 3 gene-related findings on homosexual behavior.

Why homosexual behavior exists?

If the fertility genes are found on a male body, he may be more towards ‘homosexuality’ and this is called the “trade-off trait”.

Influence of gene towards homo-sexual behavior?

When girls are exposed to a high level of male hormones and when boys are exposed to a high level of female hormones, homosexual behaviors may arise. Men with this genetic condition are called androgen insensitivity syndrome and women with this genetic issue are called congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

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What is the gay gene?

People are investigating the influence of genes on homosexual behavior and there are several acceptable research outcomes that can be considered. One gene that affects homosexual behavior is the SLITRK6. This is active in the brain region of the human body and there is a difference in the level in homosexual people and others.

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#PressenzaGay gene’ debunked? Environment influences sexuality

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