10 foods you must try in wild camping

The ability to cook a meal from only a few ingredients you’ve brought along is among the pleasures of camping, so long as the food items you’ve chosen are lightweight and adaptable. We’ve selected ten essential ingredients for a “foundation” that can be used to create delicious dishes to eat at the campsite, no matter if you’re using the camping stove or bringing ready-to-eat meals.

Explore our collection of camping-friendly recipes and then read about the most nutritious ingredients you can take when you go camping…

1. Halloumi

Quinoa and salad of vegetable fattoush garnished with halloumi cheese that has been grilled

The cheese made from sheep’s milk can be transported very well in a cool container as it retains its shape and has a vast melting point. Halloumi’s robustness allows it to be cooked in pieces or chunks, giving it meat consistency. Grill or fry it, and serve with salad greens and dressing. Make skewers to cook at a campfire or wrap it in wraps.

2. Flatbreads

Chicken skewers, vegetables, and lemon in two wraps

In contrast to a large loaf, flatbreads can be packed into a compact, flexible pile, ideal for packing into a hamper or rucksack. They can be transformed into pizzas, served cold and smeared with hummus, or baked with the traditional tomato and cheese toppings. You can also take it Mexican and roll up quesadillas with melty cheese or make an enticing lemon and chicken wrap.

3. Chorizo

A large pan of beans that are smoky with egg stew, chorizo, and smoky beans with tea

Choose a high-quality, cured Spanish sausage, pack it in your backpack, and off you go. Chorizo is the ideal camping sausage because it’s already cured and is sliced and eaten for a snack, cooked in an omelet and served with eggs and smoky beans for breakfast, or paired with potatoes for an omelet.

4. Sardines

Peppers and sardines on toast with wholemeal bread

The variety of fish that can be tinned is ideal for taking camping, but since Sardines are usually served in chunky filets, they can feel like an entire meal. Toast them on sourdough to start your day, canned chickpeas and tangy lemon to eat for lunch, or broccoli, spaghetti, and fennel to eat for dinner (not necessarily that day! ).

5. Rice pouches

Image Source

Wild rice plate with sweetcorn and other veggies.

Being among the many adaptable grain packets of rice, it is the basis for many delicious dishes. Cook-in-the-bag or boil-in-the-bag pouches are lightweight and easy to carry and move from the stove to a plastic plate in just a few minutes. Keep your rice in good condition in a salad of beans, transform it into a hot pilaf with curried sauce, and use it as an ingredient in a burrito or make it into Chinese-style egg-fried rice.

6. Eggs

Tarragon, sausage, and mushroom frittatas in an oven

They might require to be hung on your clothing and carried with attention; however, eggs are an excellent food for camping. Omelets can be filled with all kinds of fillings (it’s an excellent method to use up your chorizo). However, frittatas filled using potatoes Spanish way – served as wedges go more. Eggy bread is also the perfect campsite breakfast.

7. Pasta

Pasta salad pesto with basil and tomatoes on a platter

No matter what shape or size, pasta is a well-loved and convenient ingredient in a class that is it’s own. A portion of thin spaghetti is ideal for saving space. However, fusilli and penne are much more appealing after going cold. Make a basic carbonara using bacon instead of sausage, make a delicious pesto pasta salad, or melt the creamy blue cheese into aioli sauce.

8. Tinned Fruits

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Apricot, grapefruit, orange, and orange salad in the form of a bowl

When it comes to desserts for camping, usually, it’s a matter of making a dish rather than cooking it. Tinned fruit can be mixed into a quick salad; however, if you’d like to add something special, make sure to melt chocolate to drizzle over the pears that have been tinned, then sprinkle them with hazelnuts. The sweet sparkling canned peaches mixed with cream is a vintage hit too.

9. Chickpeas

Chickpeas, beans and feta served on a plate

Chickpeas that are canned and ready to cook are more convenient than the dried variety that needs to be soaked. Please place them in an empty bowl, then add vinegar, oil, and spices for a delicious side dish. You can also stir them into a hot one-pot or serve them to make a base for the salad.

10. Ready-to-eat food items

Spaghetti bolognese in a heap on a platter

We’re not talking about instant lasagne. One of the most effective methods to feed those camping with you is to cook the dish in one pot at home. It can then be served on site. Ragu or meatballs prepared in tomato sauce could be boiled and served over pasta, while chili is an excellent accompaniment to the bonfire-baked potatoes, and stews can be served with the couscous. Ensure that it has been properly chilled and stored in a cool, dry place.

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